Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Use the dark stain that is on the sideboard on the bottom.  It's not really black - but it is very dark.  
I think if you do the entire table dark brown - it may be boring - when you can give a simple design more interest by the stain. 

This is what the table would look like all brown

Love the quality of this wood on this trestle table.  Looking French.  A light stain over the raw wood to protect it.   Not too yellow - not red.  

The look of raw wood is hot on the market - and it will accent the flowers in the side board.  
Any chair will go with this. 

Floors I feel are too red.  It has a commercial look to it.  When you move - the table top does not have to match the floors.  And you can always get some wall to wall rugs cut down to area rugs. 

 French Pine color

You don't have to have the wood match the red in the cabinet - I'm trying to match the lightness of the flowers.  

I would try for a slight stain to protect it.  The raw wood will turn color from the yellow elmwood to a orangey pine color like above.  The stain will also help it from turning. 

We could keep the top distressed and rough - or smooth and clean.  Here they used old wood to make a new cabinet. 

 This one is old and has turned the color as mentioned. 
 Smooth Raw Wood - new wood sanded. 

rough old wood used - raw wood finish

I think this is nice - slightly distressed - probably has a light stain on it for the color and protection. 

Raw Wood - My Cabinet in my living room

The contrast of dark chocolate brown and lightness of raw wood makes for a great combination. 

 Light wood French Bistro Chairs with fabric Parson chairs anchoring each end- keeping things light and airy. 

Or more dramatic with the black chairs with rattan base. 

And define the area with a rug - 
at least 9 x 12. 

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