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Antique Secretary Desks /writing desks have their origin in the 17th century as small traveling desks. After that they started appearing in various sizes and styles. In 1750, British furniture designer Thomas Chippendale designed some remarkable secretary desks that reflected the influence of the Gothic style. Victorian antique writing desks are very popular and among the most sought-after of antique writing desks especially if signed by the maker. Antique writing desks and antique secretary desks are a popular choice among writers for the convenience they afford and the visual appeal.

This is an item we have made

A small space secretary desk can be the right solution for many rooms. I enjoy having a desk to write out bills, work on a computer, and draft letters. However, finding an ideal space in the home can be a challenge with a desk. Further, a desk often does not blend in well with the remainder of the surroundings. For those people with lofts, flats, or small apartments, it's a double whammy. I have never been a big fan of having a desk in the main room of these living spaces. It usually does not flow well. At least today laptops have taken care of issues such as large computer towers and cables while trying to maintain an attractive overall room appearance.  Here are some solutions.

These are the traditional and gorgeous antique Chinese versions - using the Chippendale style. 

Determine how much floor space and ceiling height you have. Secretary desks are distinguished by their small footprint but often have tall upper-half bookcases, so measure carefully if you have small doors and elevators. 
We've made a version of this with glass doors
Before the Hardware is added and the mirror backing

Choose work-surface mechanism that is best for you. Secretary desks have hidden writing surfaces that either flip open, slide out on supports, or appear to be drawers.  Another one we've made below using and old English antique as it's inspiration and it's gone Shabby Chic distressed.

Unique carved item found at the factory

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