Saturday, October 2, 2010


 The skirted table concept is inexpensive and so under used.  It's a fabulous option for a small space.  Very clean but not dull.
I've used 2 saw horses from Ikea and a piece of wood - there is also a table on wheels at Ikea I've skirted.  Currently I stack my suitcases inside each other and  stored underneath where no one is the wiser.  This can be done in your living room or hallway.

   For an office I've taken 2 filing cabinets as a base and added a topper with high gloss paint or veneer.  Then stapled the fabric directly to the table top and hot glue a gross grain ribbon on top to hide it.

 The next idea for the TV is great. Baskets hold the CD's and a simple shelf unit underneath.  Cover it with glass or a mirror in a hallway for the glam factor.  I think this TV is actually mounted on a door - but think Chinese Screen.

This is for the bathroom and can hide an old cabient - but with a dark wood topper this would be a devine piece with it's Greek Key motif and pleats. 

 An old bookcase can be covered and everything neatly hidden.

It's all about the details - the ribbon trim and mirrored top.

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