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Last week I had a marvelous day with girlfriends at Lo Wu and made it a point to look into drapery making while there.  I don't do draperies for my customers, but I can help guide you on choices of what and how. In the past, I've always made my own draperies, but this time moving to HK I was lucky enough to find a flat that already had beautiful silks - so no need to change out. 
After a 10 hour day in Lo Wu.... not bad they're still smiling!
MUST DO BEFORE YOU GO:  know your exact measurements of your window.  It's also helpful if you have a photo so they can copy.  Remember, what you see is what you get.  I like to have the curtains drape on the floor about 2-3" instead of stopping just before the floor.   Most pleated curtains are 2x your width.  They can go up to 3x your width - but that's a waste of material and money.

Here's a couple of recommendations:
Shop 1039 Jianxiu Curtain Fabric Shop  - it's a HUGE store with loads of fabric hanging on the walls.  One of the few times you can see the entire thing instead of viewing it from a book.
Thai Silk about $210 rmb - and the quality is good.  There was a knock off upstairs cheaper and it looked it!
Sheers are a great way to save.  They can be 110-120" wide vs the 54" and with our beautiful views - why hide it.  It diffuses the strong sun but gives weight to the room.  Add a straight valance in front with small pleats if you want to add color .
These are wicker/fabric that's housed on a roller - a plastic pulley.   It's $478 a sq meter. I think it included the entire unit.  It's a nice semi-transparent look - and then surround it with drapes.  The drapes don't have to close - just a 'faux' drape. 
 This is bamboo shades - much cheaper - but on a cord pulley system.  $128 rmb sq meter.  The photo below is not what I would choose - but think of a straight valance (this hides the pulley) and a more commercial weave.  See the photos below. 
Love the ribbon trim going down the linen drape and the bamboo shades.  Notice how high the hardware is on the ceiling - this makes your ceilings feel taller.

Hardware can be purchased with your curtains - not a great selection - but you can always spray paint.  Then just hire a handy man to put them up. 
Another good source is SHOP# 3066  Baoshiheng Curtain Shop.  It's on the corner by the restaurant on the 3rd floor - and multiple pillows hanging on display outside.  The higher up you go in the mall the better the price.  My girlfriend did her entire flat in Roman Shades from here for about $4200rmb. 
Roman Shades with Trim
Roman shades with a soft bottom

Again, the reason I don't do draperies is it involves the purchase of fabric.  Fabric is such a personal choice -  too time consuming for me to go look, make a presentation and go look again if it's not your cup of tea.  Trying to back into a fabric choice is even harder if your decor is already on going.  
Bottom line - keep it simple.  That's why I love Linen  - since it's light weight and loosely woven, it allows lots of sunlight to filter through while still providing privacy.  Linen in Shenzhen runs about $35-60rmb a meter depending upon the weight for 54-60" wide. If you buy a lot you can get the price down. A higher grade can be purchased in the Western Market for about $220hk - and of course there is still Sham Shui Po.
Here's another one of my favorites.  The accent border.  You could add a smaller accent - like gross grain ribbon - between these two.  The bottom should be about 20-25% of the length.

You can save money if you don't line it, however, if you want a gorgeous expensive and flowing look - spend the money .  Drapes don't hang as nicely when they're unlined.  Dupioni silk - line it - because you don't want this beautiful fabric fading by the sun. 
Nail Head Linen Curtains from West Elm

But, I have to admit, I'm seeing more and more natural weaves being shown unlined in the magazines. I know -  you save money that way.  

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