Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blue and White Living Room

I love the clean fresh look of blue and white. There's something about it that just about everyone loves. Reminiscent of a seaside cottage - but also an old elegant estate viewed in the summertime. 

Blue and white theme can work with any color;  apple green, red, mustard yellow, gray, black, ........

CRISP - CLEAN -  UNCLUTTERED.  Love the drapes with the contrast edging on top and bottom. 

 I like the use of tan with the blue and white - using wicker furniture or tortoise shell blinds or a sisal looking rug.  Very Ralph Lauren Feeling......

Years ago when I lived in Hong Kong I didn't realize I had collected so many pieces.  At one time it was scattered through out the house until the decorating magazines taught me to highlight it in one room.  My bedroom is where they all ended.  

 Add yellow to the blue and white - very French.  Would rather see the color of yellow go deeper into Goldenrod. 
 Notice with the blue walls - everything else is white. 
 Painted Walls are another level to the blue and white.  Going Blue on the walls is very bold challenge - I love the one above using the taupe.  Then adding artwork in the abstract format. A contemporary spin on the combination. 
This only works because of the all the beautiful wood detail. 

 One of my favorites.   Notice all the Chinese Accessories!  You would have to change the hue of blue to add the blue and white porcelain.  As is - it's a bit off. 
 Take a white cabinet - remove the doors - Paint the inside and add the dishes.  Simple!
LOVE LOVE LOVE..  I love the look of old dark wood with blue and white.  It's so RICH!

I like the old style of porcelain - not as white....  

Shade of blue and white - dark and light

I'm selling lamps now.  I have a few blue and white in the collection .  This one is hand painted  - not a stencil.

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