Saturday, March 26, 2011


In Small places I like to position a desk next to the bed.   The tables don't have to be the same on either side - but should be the same height.   Notice the Chinese bench at the end of the bed.
This is the color palette in my own house.  It's neutral enough that if I get board - I can change the accent colors.

The use of white in the canvas sofas or the patterned curtains softens the room.  The use of the wicker blinds and/or screens give it a casual beachy feel.  Also note the trunks used as coffee tables. 

white white walls and white lamp
brown wicker chairs - skirted linen table in the back- white printed breezy curtains- rustic coffee tables - and of course, always add plants.  They make a room feel alive. 

Eclectic drama is added with the Zebra and cow prints. Also the dark golden painted walls.   I would lighten up these rooms with cream linen curtains that can blow in the breeze and drape on the floor. Instead of the dark shades - I would add a light linen shade that will cast more light. 

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