Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Coffee tables are difficult to design and even more difficult to find in the factories.  I like to put my feet up on mine - even sit on it when necessary.  It's also nice to have a drawer to hide the numerous remotes we all have. 

The first group are Chinese inspired.  

 Paint the opium table 

This is one we designed after an opium bed and removed the railings.  I love the weight of the design  -  I also like the carved legs and the cut out areas to achieve it's detail. 

This is not solid wood - wood veneer will look this way. But it prevents it from splitting. 

Take 2 small side tables to create the coffee table.  3 is also a good number - odds are always better - especially for a 3 seater sofa. 
This is another large ottoman coffee table we made - using Faux leather - so the kids wouldn't ruin it and keep the cost down. 
Nesting tables in front instead of on the side.  

The look of French.  Either Shabby Chic or solid color.  These could both be in a solid brown stain also. 

Great Look and room for magazines. 

Trunks for a tight and cozy spot. 
I love the simplicity of this.  It's all about the beauty of the wood. 

Now think - CHINESE BENCH - which will have more character.  Also good for small places. 

 I don't know if my factory can do this - but I want one!
Traditional Home
How functional is this!

Here's one of our best sellers from the factory.  First you add your favorite collectibles... seashells, photos, Chinese art brushes, etc - and then you add the glass (which comes with).  Make it any color.   The sides open up for extra storage. 

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