Thursday, February 23, 2012


What a beautiful surprise to walk into this flat.  A new client needs a few fixings to finish off her own work. 

I categorize it as the British Colonial Style

British Colonial Style and Decor (BCSD) came about in the late 19th century. Under the reign of Queen Victoria the vast British Empire had reached parts of North and South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Generally, British colonists and military members enjoyed the travel but often desired to bring the comforts of their homeland with them. They soon found that much of their furniture warped due to the soft wood being unable to withstand the humid tropical climates. Native craftsman began to recreate the British designs using local materials such as ebony, teak, mahogany, rattan, wicker, and animal hide. They would often add their own flourishes such as the carved pineapple. The melding of British, Asian, African and Indian motifs resulted in British Colonial Style and Decor. 


just needs some new lamp shades and somehow hang artwork behind the sofa.  

*Suggestion:  Because it's a rental and the paneling is expensive - do not frame the artwork.  It will add too much weight.  Instead, paint the edges a dark brown to blend with the paneling.  Then use the type of stick ons that are removable.  Use at least 3 -4 because with the humidity - they may fall off. 

*Then replace the shades with a textured silk blend in a mustard color - to match the sisal rug. 

* And not too many different flowers grouping in the same area - spread them out. 


We moved the large Chinese Chairs on both sides of the sideboard.  It anchors the wall under the window and it's a perfect fit. 

Just thinking - since your view is not great from the dining room - what if you hung your screen in the center.  It won't fill it up but will give interest. 

I would move the 2 red lunch baskets from the top of the cabinet - to the living room.  The red on red is too repetitive.  Maybe use them on either side of the sofa with the green lamps. 

Adding a wicker suitcase repeats the British Colonial feel - maybe on top of the large Red Cabinet instead - filling up the height. 

We found these French style cafe chairs stained in a rich chocolate brown with leather seats - they are small enough to have 3 on either side of the table. 

We then anchor the table fabric chairs with piping and nailhead accents.
Here's the design decided on. 

Because the sideboard is not very wide - I think one lamp is best and anchor it with something strong - always a grouping of 3-5 items. 

Small glass jars or crystal for sparkle

possible a retro fan to accent the 40's look - Ernest Hemingway look. 

- Walls don't have to be white, but should be light — sea tones of pale green or blue look great against dark wood.  DONE
- Add textural interest with woven elements, such as baskets or sisal rugs.  DONE
- Intersperse pieces of china, silver or crystal for a look of elegance.
- Get fresh with flowers (pop them in an antique china bowl) or add a tropical palm or fern. Greenery looks great against the dark woods and light linens.  DONE
- Stain light wood darker to capture the richness of mahogany, a wood that was harvested in the Caribbean islands. DONE 

- A three-panel screen can disguise an unsightly door. It was behind such screens that ladies of the day changed their tightly corseted clothes.  DONE - hides the kitchen
- Create "island" touches with reeding (in the headboard and room divider) and wicker (in a night table).
- Add faux leather to provide a touch of richness and Old World grace.  DONE - dining chairs

Now we have to figure out what to do with this alcove. 
90" wide x 28" d x 85" H

Now this is different  and a show stopper if it's still available!
It's 83" wide and 21" deep

To make either of these comfortable - I would add a 2" tufted cushion - maybe out of memory foam - then add a small bolster pillow - which is very in now and would not distract from the beauty of the bench. 

Then add botanical prints in a cluster - a painting above the sofa and prints here.  The glass will give it some sparkle. 
Then find some small accent for drink table. 

There are already garden stools in the living room but I think a another punch of silver would update the look. 
Maybe a small round accent table between the two floral chairs.  Something more substantial for a drink or magazine. This is one I reproduced for a past customer - they are also available in the factory - but they are 18th century, very expensive and very rustic. 

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