Friday, February 24, 2012


The master bedroom should be a calming and romantic place. 


The client requested a very tall - 72-80" fabric headboard.
Simple enough would be a soft velvet type fabric - and enhance it with tufting and piping. 

This is a HK fabric at HK$350 yd but made in USA!
#305168#2  Romanza 'SPRING"

This I can see with lots of blue and white pottery - sisal rug and a light or dark blue linen curtain. 


Richloom : Suri Pattern   $20.98

Waverly Olana Oxf Bay Leaf - not sure this color matches - looks more teal.  But look at the inspiration below. 
$19.99  Jo Ann

 Buffalo Check Blueberry, Calico Corners $19.99

This headboard has to lean between the wall and the bed. There are no supports to screw to the bedframe.  I also have to check your elevator.  It's a heavy linen with nailheads in a medium charcoal gray. 
The gray jumps it to today's look. 

Add more blue in white in pots around the chaise

Gray sisal carpet with navy trim

The bedskirt could be redone in a blue check to repeat the blue in the flowers and the chaise.  The bed is very light in color being all white - light weight cotton - making it difficult to back into a color scheme and select a fabric.   About 5-6 yards.
Buffalo Check Blueberry, Calico Corners $19.99

Change out the curtains to a more sophisticated light gray linen we can line and drop and puddle on the floor. 

Linen keeps it flowing and soft with the gray headboard and sisal. 

Take the same fabric from the chaise and make a headboard.  Repeating is sometimes easier than trying to match. 

French powder blue mirror and add powder blue light linen curtains

Palis Lapis Calico Corners $19.99 Pillows

Powder blue bedskirt would need 5-6 yards.  Maybe we can find a linen...... in the market place. 

Use a white Matelesse fabric on the headboard. Since all your bed linen is white - it's very hard to back into it without getting too heavy.  
We use the white matelesse and paint the wall behind it so it stands out. Maybe make a winged style - if there is room on both sides of the bed.  Tuft it for more interest to the design. 
A light wool sisal rug - to keep the look soft. 

matelasse fabric

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