Monday, February 27, 2012

Upholstered Bed Frames

New Upholstered Bed frame for a King

The sample given was a nubby cotton linen look in light gray.  Possibly a blend.  Gray seems to be one of the hardest colors to find and even harder to find the light gray. Gunmetal is more popular.  Most grays have no life to them or tend to look 'putty'.  For every 6 books I looked - I might find a gray - but not always pretty in tone or true to color.   So this is the best of the lot. 

customer's sample

Gray Linen Looks

' A'  has a small black thread at times. 

This is the lightest gray I can find. 

compared B color compared to A

A nubby linen - but more expensive. Dry Clean only type of material - Gunmetal 
Please realize the print out is not true to color of your sample. 

Still darker than you want - but all I could find.

A client is replacing this entire bed and purchasing a new USA size King mattress.  They run 76" wide and 80" long.

She would like a low upholstered headboard of 90cm (35.5")  The side tables are only 64cm (25" ) tall.  That leaves only 10" of the headboard showing.  If the pillows are propped up like they are now - the headboard will be invisible. 

My suggestion is to go to the max and anchor the wall with a taller headboard of  54 - 60"as seen below.  Note where the headboard hits the lamp shades. The bed height is probably 30" + lamps of 24" = 54" top of lamp and another 6" above that is the headboard (60").  Your old headboard is probably 50" high. 

Also a white duvet.  But this is a very monochromatic room - everything is the same brown tone - even the walls. 

The color palette : A soft gray with a sheen.

Gray fabric I've found - and would recommend 'B'. I think the light gray 'A' will fade into the white walls.  $198/yd.  There is ALOT of sheen to these!


Height of bed fame base is : 13"
Height of mattress is : 11"
total together = 24"
Bedside tables are 25"

I have this gray velvet - dark on the left and lighter on the right. It's actually a true charcoal gray.  $290/yd

Gray Headboards
 most of these are velvet from the descriptions - there is also a silk. Notice they are all tufted. 

The red side tables have a casual feel to them, but I know you like modern.  I'm suggesting a fabric pattern for the trunk to house in front of the bed to break up all the solid.

Your current lamps will look too small against a king bed and frame. 
How about something larger in the color scheme.
$1340 each

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