Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dec 01 2012 Zhuhai Factory Finds

I had a small group last Saturday to Zhuhai.  A husband and wife and a single.  It was nice because the weather had cleared most of the day and we could meander everywhere. Not much was purchased - but they found what they were after - and we had another interesting day. 

While on the visits I'm also QCing items I have on order. The factory usually gets to a point and stops knowing that I'm showing.... and we discuss how to finish the piece. 

It's an exhausting day for all - me included - but each group makes make each trip different for me - and I feel fulfilled that I was able to bring a smile to their face. 

Here were some of my finds. 

This shabby little dresser is so cute.  Think of it painted, antiqued , stripped - very french. 
I'm remembering in my childhood when we placed our dial phones on these. 

This needs another coat of stain - but it has great simple lines. 

 Petite in size but very good storage space 

Now look at this photo - I mean really - this is where they do the manufacturing.  And you wonder why "I can't get everything exactly the way you want it" in your heads.  Everything is open to interpretation - but we get pretty close. 

Not everything is antique - here are examples of updated colors and styles. This cabinet was purchased.

Does anyone have a kitchen - that needs an island?  This is so perfect - at 9 ft long and 36" high.  Of course it's not going to fit any elevator. The rustic wood on top is gorgeous. 

This is actually one of my favorite pieces.  It's been in the factory for years - tucked away in a dark corner.  They recently moved it to another dark corner. I was glad for that 'cause it would wait for me to purchase it.  But I really don't have room for it.  I could see this stripped down to the bare wood

A DINING ROOM TABLE - you never see these. 59 " x 29.5 x 30" high 

Here's another purchase - the pair of bedside tables.  The perfect size but not the perfect color.  For an additional minimal fee - they are being stripped and repainted the red color they're suppose to be.  Right now they are too wine. 

 Oh No - another dining room table! 
 79 x 37.5 x 31

Such a show piece.  

Check out this great Farm Table - 

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