Tuesday, December 4, 2012


As stated in the article - Claire found me while she was 'Goggling'.  I must be doing something right - because it seems that's where most of my contacts are finding me - or by word of mouth. It's actually my blog that's pulling because of all the photos and the embedded labels. 

Expat Living is a great new way to explore Hong Kong and all it's creative and diversified mix.  It's a source of updated information to find anything for your home and more. 

Did you know - you can even read it on line if you haven't found it on your magazine stands. 

Here's a close up so you can read it!
The article says you can do this on your own - what you can do is only 1 factory.  They're not located near each other - you need to know how to get from place to place.  We have a van that fits 7 people and room for your purchases - and believe me - we fill the van with both. 

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