Thursday, December 6, 2012


Not every sideboard or tall cabinet starts out as a complete original.... you only see a finished product on the showroom floor.  

What you don't see are the pieces that went into it to create and accomplish an 'old' piece.  

Here's a finished piece.  ( SOLD.)

other examples

I've just received multiple photos that a factory is currently creating.
  Check this out... amazing.   
AVAILABLE  167  x 44 x 86  (66 x 17.5 x 34)
$6440 plus shipping
Below is what it looked like in the raw staged.  


These are 'old' body styles that are rebuilt. 
They'll be sanded, painted, varnished and hardware added - and look very different.  The nice thing -  most of it still is 'old' wood.  




220 - 230cm x 45D x 88H (87 - 90" wide x 18" d x 34.7" H)



I just popped this photo in here... it's a current request from a customer.  
To reproduce this with old wood is $ 6480

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