Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have quite a selection of magazines at my office... my favorites are Veranda, Traditional Home and House Beautiful.  Every issue has Chinese furniture featured in a room and the coffee table tops the list.  

We can help you find a traditional old item in stock and have it painted red.  LOVE this screen in the back.  Probably a reproduction because if it's real - CHA-CHING!
Also note the black side tables.  Actually this entire color palette is one of my favorites. 

Modern and sleek.  Add an AMES CHAIR  with ottoman in the corner for a little more comfort and design.   I can make this carpet for you from a cut down wall to wall item. 

 Bohemian with Chinese.  Note the 2-tone on the chair for impact.  Also note the large oblong pillow on the sofa.  Very eclectic and homey. 

Traditional Home - with a Chinese coffee table. 

 Instead of using 1 trunk - use 2.  These are probably leather - so not great for a coffee table unless - like the photo - you are using a tray on top.   I have these (in a small version) on my bedside tables with a lamp. 


 Another pop of red.  Also like the wicker blinds used with the curtains.  I'm a fan of layering. 

 A friend of mine actually owns a cabinet like this.  I also FOUND a cabinet like this recently at the factory!!!!!  The top has mirrors instead of the circles.  It's GORGEOUS!  Then note the olive green  opium table.  If you look carefully there is a blue and white garden stool in the hallway and I think another Chinese red table. 

Yes, I know the TV cabinet is absolutely wonderful.... but you're suppose to look at the coffee table. 

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