Monday, November 7, 2011


Last Saturday I took a large group to Zhuhai.  These were items purchased by one customer and the changes we are making.  
 19th century walnut altar coffer, 
circa 1880 A.D.
Origin: Shanxi, China  
This beautiful patina cabinet is staying as is - just cleaning up and wax.  Please add a pin to closure.

 19th century camphor wood chest, 
circa 1880 A.D.
Origin: Zhejiang, China   
Staying as is - please add a lock Pin 

 19th century Ju wood side cabinet, 
circa 1880 A.D.
Origin: Suzhou, China   
This cabinet stays as is. - Please add a pin 

  The 2 stools that will be used as a small coffee table - were re-stained.  They are gorgeous!

 Before and After
Pair of 19th century Nan wood carving panel, circa 1880 A.D.
Origin: Zhejiang, China 
These remain stripped with a light natural stain.  See below.  Add a wire or better yet - a pair of 'D' hooks so they cannot be seen in the back for hanging. 

 We stripped the original to create a french country chic look..... 

Pair of 18th century walnut side table, 
circa 1780 A.D.
Origin: Shanxi, China   
These will also be stripped and lightly stained like shown below. The grains in the wood will then be seen. 
Again pins are needed. 

After we stripped and added shellac

 19th century Elmwood altar table, 
circa 1880 A.D.
Origin: Shanxi, China
Again stripped and lightly stained as seen below. - shorten to 30" high

Close up. 

The screens were repaired - and a shellac added - then a frame to polish them off. 

Pair of 19th century Nan wood carving panel, circa 1880 A.D.
Origin: Fujian, China  
These are cleaned up and framed.  They both need to look the color like the one on the left. - Darker Raspberry tone for the red. 
Add a wire for hanging.

18th century Elmwood bench, circa 1780 A.D.
Origin: Shanxi, China
Stain a very dark chocolate brown.  Will be placed near this sideboard below which the customer already owns.  

Final look of the 3 living room items.  Alter table, sofa side cabinets and the screens. 

To update the beautiful colors of apple green, raspberry and yellow we are stripping the wood of several pieces and lightly staining them with a touch of yellow and red tones - to create a light pine raw look technique. It's all the rage in Europe and actually the look at Restoration Hardware.  

The lamps that were added to the mix.  The bases were purchased and our shades were added. 

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