Monday, November 21, 2011


These are the ideas that I'm playing around with.  With the large wall of mirrors in the dining room - let's have it reflect something beautiful and updated. 

I'm thinking old working with new combinations.  Old stripped wood - with new contemporary furnishings.  You already updated with the color pink - the number one color of 2011. 

This pink has a lot of blue in the color.  It goes very well with white! 


There is not much room for a tall cabinet.  And you want to show some of your art work. So a smaller accent cabinet - stripped and raw would be better.  

 Find an alter table design with storage.  You can never have enough!

Maybe instead of the wicker sofa that will be too large once the new sofa arrives - find smaller seating and update it with these contemporary Barcelona chairs in white leather.   You need seating for 6-8 people.   At least 6 and you can pull chairs in when needed.

The silver on these chairs repeats the silver in your dining room chandelier (for a better word).  Instead of replacing it - let's make it work.  
 Another idea for a coffee table.  Keeps it looking light and airy and fits into the area of the sectional.

The look with the rug, Barcelona chairs, glass coffee table and the organized bookcase!

To repeat wood furniture - cover this in a pink printed fabric.  We need more print!


One idea for a low accent sofa table. - or even a coffee table. 

 Another idea for a small accent table.  Maybe between the 2 Barcelona chairs.  It repeats the color of the dining room wicker and the wood in the room.

Bring your tall lamps down from the dining room to the living room. 
You could use one beautiful lamp on the alter table at the front door.  Not the smaller ones you have..  

To repeat the metal in the Barcelona chairs - and because the are mesh - they are light and airy feeling.  Add the white leather to the seats - for your bar area.  There are your 2 more seats. I like these because they  have backs for long term support at the computer. 

Take the leaves out of the old dining table.  Can it be used as an accent table by the window in the living room?  We could also cover it with material. 

Add some colored fabric to the back or your cabinet.    Then arrange the items aesthetically. 

 Fix your cane chairs - Add some colored fabric. 
Because your elevator is only 84" high - you cannot get an extremely long table.  I also think anything heavy will over power the room. So I suggest the white marble tulip table. 
Dining room chairs.  Place your stool by the chaise. 

Hallway bookcases (2) repeats the white in your Indonesian cabinet. 

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