Sunday, November 20, 2011


I've just been to a new client's home where a dramatic pink sectional has been ordered. We are heading to the factories on Tuesday and looking for accent pieces.  

I've been hunting for inspiration to help us key into the look we're after.  

Is it rustic and distressed - or new and modern -  or a combination of both?

  Love the look of the bucket chairs around the old wood dining table. 

 This is actually coral.  But note the sisal rug and the oriental on top.  It's a very ornate opium table with a antique cream base and neutral top.  I actually like the look of paint and stain on coffee tables. 
Also note the wicker baskets - which can be repeated as tortoise shell wicker color in furniture or blinds. 

 TULIP TABLE, again! 
I hate to be the one to admit it but years ago (27 years) I painted my walls a light gray and had pink corduroy draperies.  It's the only fabric I could afford and designed around them. 

 Petite tulip accent tables. 

 Mix the top photo with the bottom photo and drama is created. Note another tulip table. 

 Here's one the client needs to look at.  Notice the painted white cupboard and the raw wood coffee table.  Similar to what we were discussing. 

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